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Five ways to keep your body up to speed

Celebrity fitness trainer Ramona Braganza’s tips on bringing your body up to speed.

1. Don’t skip breakfast if you want to kick-start your metabolism first thing in the morning. The best breakfasts are ones that combine protein and complex carbs in one meal, such as an egg omelet with vegetables or oatmeal and yogurt.

2. Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day. This will keep your body fuelled and burning. My rule is three meals, two snacks and a minimum of one litre of water a day.

3. Drink water all day long to stay hydrated. This will ensure that all systems such as digestion and metabolism are functioning at optimum levels.

4. Increase metabolism by including intervals during your session. This will push the body and you will get better results.

5. Include weight training in your workouts. Building muscle will increase your metabolism because sustaining muscle tissue requires more energy from the body. You will be burning calories just to keep up, even when you are sleeping

For more tips check out ramonabraganza.com.

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