Flights cancelled as Hurricane Matthew heads toward US – Metro US

Flights cancelled as Hurricane Matthew heads toward US

Flights cancelled as Hurricane Matthew heads toward US

Hurricane Matthew, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade,is to blame for some of your unfulfilled travel plans. The category 4 storm is continuing its path of destruction, causing flight cancellations at airports across the United States.

After pummeling the island of Hispaniola, causing four deaths in the Dominican Republic and 21 in Haiti, Matthew is expected to hit Florida Thursday evening, Reuters reported, and rip up the coast.

Miami International Airport tweeted that it isexpecting flight cancellations on Thursday and reminded travelers that airplanes are grounded if there are sustained winds of more than 35 mph. The FAA reported that cancellations “will likely” begin as early as Wednesday night since parts of South Florida are under a hurricane warning andthe coast is under hurricane watch.

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The airport in Fort Lauderdale is open, according to the airport’s Twitter account, but flights between FLL and areas like Orlando, Key West, Bahamas and Haiti were cancelledon Wednesday.

Thunderstorms are expected to create delays in Chicago airports, butflying conditions are favorable in the western part of the United States, according to the FAA.

Whether you’re leaving from Logan, LaGuardia or Philadelphia International, it’s always best to call the airline and check on your flight status.