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Flood Rat understands your New York City subway woes

flood rat new york city subway
Flood Rat was spotted in a New York City subway station. Photo: Reddit / u/JacksonCheeseburger

If you had an unpleasant commute on Tuesday due to some inclement weather actually happening inside New York City subway stations, you weren’t alone. Flood Rat felt your pain.

Yes, Flood Rat. Move over Pizza Rat, and even the most recent plural Pizza Rats, there’s a new rodent in the New York City subway system at the center of the internet’s attention.

Reddit user u/JacksonCheeseburger filmed the Flood Rat from inside 23rd Street Station on Tuesday. In the video, the rodent can be seen taking refuge from the flooding inside a New York City subway station, holding on for dear life to a pillar on the station platform as water swirls around him. 

“His commute is just as f—– as ours,” the top comment from u/Shaolin718 reads.

Forget Pizza Rat. I give you: Flood Rat. from r/nyc

How did Flood Rat happen?

If you were lucky enough to miss the deluge, here’s why more than one New York City subway station was soaking wet on Tuesday.

As the remnants of Hurricane Florence moved up the East Coast, they dropped some heavy rain on the city, which, somehow, made its way underground.

More than one New York City subway station looked like the scene of a storm. Straphangers shared scenes of the underground flooding from Penn Station, 14th Street and, of course, the 23rd Street 6 Line subway station where Flood Rat was trying hard not to float away.

flood rat new york city subway

Those who dare to drive around New York City also were met with commuting woes thanks to that weather, like when a flash flood trapped a few drivers in Queens.

Basically, lots of New Yorkers ended up soaked after their Tuesday travels — like u/JacksonCheeseburger himself, most likely. When asked how he even managed to capture this footage of Flood Rat, he responded in the Reddit thread, “From a subway car… in a wet suit.”

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