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Florida high school student posts ‘Slaves for Sale’ ad on Craigslist

Florida high school student posts ‘Slaves for Sale’ ad on Craigslist.
A Florida high school student posted a ‘Slaves for Sale’ ad on Craigslist. (First Coast News)

A high school senior who allegedly posted a Craigslist ad featuring “two slaves for sale“ has been suspended after a photo of the post went viral.

The unidentified student took a photo of two black female classmates in a classroom and posted the photo under the headline, “Two Slaves for Sale – $470,” First Coast News reported.

“Two healthy negro slavegals for sale. Good condition and hard work ethic! If you need another pair of hands around the farm/house, you’re in luck!” read the description of the since-deleted ad.

The ad was geotagged at Fleming Island Plantation, a community in Fleming Island, Florida.

According to the Clay County School District, the student who posted the ad has been suspended and will be sent to an alternative school.

“We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we are disheartened that any of our students would be subject to discrimination,” Superintendent Addison Davis told First Coast News. “Fleming Island High School administration and district leadership are working together to create a school-wide plan of action to strengthen the climate and culture while celebrating the school’s diversity. We encourage parents and guardians to take the time to talk to their child about this important matter. We appreciate support in this effort and we look forward to Elevating Clay.”

Fleming Island “is known for racial slurs,” said Skye Fefee, who was one of the students targeted by the ad. “This school year, someone wrote on the toilets ‘whites only.’”

Fefee became aware of the Craigslist ad after a friend sent her a Snapchat of it. “I never thought somebody would do this to me,” she said.

Lexis Potter, who posted the ad in a now-deleted Facebook post, first saw it when she was searching through Craigslist’s farms and garden section, she told First Coast News. She said she reported it to Craigslist, and it was immediately taken down.

Craigslist did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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