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Floyd Mayweather gets bit, cruises to win over Marcos Maidana

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. complains to the referee after being bit.
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I suppose it was only fitting with Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in attendance that Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana II would involve a biting incident.

Despite an apparent bite from Maidana to Mayweather in the eighth, Mayweather won by unanimous decision to improve to 47-0.

Mayweather came out firing in a rematch between the two men’s fight from May. Mayweather won that contest in a closer-than-expected majority decision. But he looked like his old self in those first three rounds — ducking, dodging and catching Maidana with quick flurries.

The fourth round was a clear win for Mayweather though, who was caught with a stiff shot literally right at the bell in the third round.

Things got crazy in the eighth round, when the referee went to separate the two men and Maidana apparently bit Mayweather on the left hand while being pulled apart. Mayweather immediately yelped in pain and went to the referee. The ref looked at Mayweather’s hand, but couldn’t see anything with it of course covered by his boxing glove.

Maidana probably didn’t do any real damage, but replays showed it looked an awful lot like Maidana bit him.

The round was stopped as Mayweather pled his case, and the ref warned Maidana to be extra careful going forward.

Mayweather said after the fight his left hand was feeling numb after the eighth round due to the bite. Maidana said he did not bite him after the fight. Then again, he also said he thought he won the fight.

Maidana was penalized a point in the 10th round for slinging Mayweather to the canvas. It looked like Maidana caught Mayweather with a dirty elbow while they were in a clinch and then the Argentine shoved him off to the ground.

Mayweather was also warned about a low blow in the 11th round. Maidana took a breather, though he didn’t actually react to the shot initially. The ref had to stop the fight and ask about a timeout.

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