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Fly cheaply this autumn

When you book a fall getaway, you need as much value as possible in a small amount of time. “The bottom line is to bypass peak anything: dates, times and destinations. So take a new path and set a trend instead,” says Meredith Hanrahan, chief travel officer for Cheapflights.com. Here are her tips on how make the most of your escape with as few dollars as possible.

Consider alternate airports
If another airport serves the route you want, has access to low-cost carriers or is within a manageable distance, consider that one instead. The secret to finding the best price is always flexibility — and, if you’re willing to use a few extra miles and minutes on your commute (and the cost makes sense), you might save more. In addition, sometimes smaller airports deal with fewer delays, which helps you enjoy every possible minute of your getaway.

Seek out low-profile locales
Think New England is the only place to see foliage? Think again. Parts of the south fill up with color as well and might not be as crowded. If you’re looking for the beach, don’t sail off to the Caribbean just yet. Lower-profile spots like Myrtle Beach will still be serving up weather in the high 70s well into November.

Compare apples to apples
It’s easy to snatch the first thing you see, but it pays to make sure what you found is actually the lowest. More often than not, you can find something cheaper if you’re willing to fly at a different time, go a day earlier/later or consider other airports, airlines or packages. The best way to get a deal is to use a comparison site that shows options side-by-side. Remember:?not all sites include taxes.

Timing is everything
The middle of the week is golden for travelers. Airlines and hotels know that Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the easiest times to travel, so prices are higher. If you can book and travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, you’re bound to get the lowest price. Also: Get on the first flight of the day, since it’s the least likely to get delayed.

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