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Flying Fools make Stampede debut

The Flying Fools High Dive Show had audiences captivated and glued to their seats, despite the rain and clouds in the sky yesterday.

Jumping from up to 25 metres in the air, the five performers had audiences oohing, gasping and clapping as they performed acrobatic and Olympic-style dives into the air only to land into a three-metre deep pool.

Flying Fools performer Yves Milord and his four teammates travel the world performing the crazy stunts, but it is their first time here at the Calgary Stampede.

“I have wanted to come here for years and I am finally here and everyone loves it. I have been doing these stunts for 25 years and this is the first time we are here,” Milord said as people lined up after the show to meet him.

Milord finished off the captivating show by diving into the pool of water from a 25-metre perch above.

“I have done over 3,000 jumps, but each time I just focus and make sure I don’t get hurt because anything can happen.”

While the show topper was the 25-metre dive, there were other captivating moments in the show too, like when the performers criss-cross one another in the air and hit the water at the same time.

“We love performing and I think the audiences can see we have smiles on our faces and we are having fun too,” he said. “It’s all about the interaction.”

Onlookers Cody Martin and his friends just had a few words about the show.

“That was … just mystifying how anyone can do that,” Martin said.

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