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Flying for business is not a pleasure

The tightening grip of new airline security rules is becoming a source of frustration for business travellers who make several trips a month.

Calgarian Kathy Hallwood travels two to four times a month by airplane and though she didn’t mind the trips before, she dreads them now. “I can’t bring anything on the plane with me anymore, things that I need for work while I fly. I had to buy a bigger suitcase just to fit everything in to store under,” Hallwood said.

Not to mention the amount of time she spends checking through security.

“My last trip the security was so tight they made me late for my flight. The airline called my name three times and the security people didn’t care.”

But some passengers are annoyed with what they call mixed messages, including Norm Jones, who waited in line at the Calgary International Airport yesterday.

“We see on the news we should come three or four hours early, and then we get here and we can’t even get into customs until two and half hours before the flight,” he said. “Now we’re stuck here waiting around doing nothing.”

The announcement of new full body-scan procedures by the federal government yesterday has passengers hoping they speed up the security process.

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