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For ‘Kate Plus 8,’ it’s no longer a full house


It’s hard to imagine now, but Jon and Kate Gosselin used to be some of reality TV’s more refreshing characters. Sure, they had about six babies too many, but at least there weren’t “19 Kids and Counting.” And maybe Kate was a bit of a nag, but she wasn’t a Kardashian or a “Bachelorette.”

Simpler times. Unfortunately, you can’t help but know where this is going. We take you from the debut of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” to this Sunday, when “Kate Plus 8” premieres on TLC.

? April 10, 2007: “Jon & Kate Plus 8” premieres on TLC, chronicling the young family’s life with sextuplets in Elizabethtown, Pa.

? Jan. 7, 2008: The Season 3 premiere. Is it just us, or does Jon look a little more dead behind the eyes than usual?

? Feb. 2, 2009: We watch the Gosselins move to a larger house that can more comfortably accommodate 10 people — plus camera crews, stage lighting, Kate’s ego …

? April 29, 2009: Us Weekly publishes photos of Jon with a “mystery woman” at 2 a.m. Deanna Hummel, 23, seems pretty gross — but Hailey Glassman, daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, will eventually walk away with the title of “Worst Decision Jon Gosselin Ever Made, Non-Wardrobe Division.” Bravo.

? June 22, 2009: Jon and Kate announce they’re separating on an episode titled “Houses & Big Changes” — 10.6 million of us had nothing better to do than watch.

? Nov. 23, 2009: The final episode of “Jon & Kate” airs, less than a month before their divorce is finalized.

? April 26, 2010: The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry grants the Gosselin children work permits for “Kate Plus 8” after allegations from Kate’s brother that the children were overworked.

? This Sunday at 9 p.m.: “Kate Plus 8” premieres on TLC and follows the family on a vacation for the sextuplets’ sixth birthday party. Guess who isn’t on the guest list?

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