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For the love of a Triscuit

It’s 4 p.m. and we’re feeling a bit peckish here at the Metro office. It would be the perfect time for hummus and Triscuits, if we had them. But that gets me to thinking….

Is it just me and my friends who have such a fervent love of Triscuits? Particularly the black pepper and olive oil flavor? There are 15 different kinds of Triscuits —10 flavors aside from plain (there are five variations on plain: reduced fat, low sodium, hint of salt, thins and regular). Clearly, they wouldn’t be able to provide such variety unless all of those flavors are selling well. So, well why?

More evidence of their popularity and with whom, is Nabisco’s website, that has a special segment devoted to pairing wines with Triscuit-centric appetizers. So, can we project then that they’re particularly popular with ladies who throw parties? Just a guess.

FYI – the origins of the name Triscuit – did you know that the word biscuit is French for “twice cooked”? We could guess that Triscuits are then baked three times, but I wasn’t able to confirm this. However, The Learning Channel and The New York Times both state that they are made in much the same way as Shredded Wheat. When they were invented by a lawyer in the 1890’s, it was softened with water and steamed so that it could be formed into a thin spaghetti. And contrary to popular belief, they are not woven – different ‘webs’ are stacked on top of each other to give that effect.

Which kind of Triscuit is your favorite? Do you love them or hate them? And don’t you love that Triscuit baby???

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