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Forbes calls ‘SMILF’ character ‘a Southie’


“A Southie” seems to be catching on and it’s not sitting well with Bostonians.

Earlier this week, a California newspaper was lambasted online by locals—and New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg—for writing that guests can “eat like a Southie” at a new Wahlburgers location that opened up in the state. The much-loathed phrase seems to have popped up again in a new article by Forbes about the Showtime series “SMILF,” which was recently renewed for a second season and is set in South Boston.

In the piece, Bridgette, the main character played by Boston native Frankie Shaw, is described as being “single, smart, a southie.”

One Twitter user was quick to point out that the phrase “Southie” should only be used to describe the neighborhood and not it’s residents.

At least the Forbes article used the right neighborhood while talking about Shaw’s character on “SMILF,” which also stars Rosie O’Donnell and Boston’s own Connie Britton.

During the Southie snafu with Mercury News earlier this week, the paper incorrectly stated that the Wahlbergs hailed from the neighborhood when they are actually from Dorchester. Obviously that didn’t sit well with Donnie, who called out the mistake on Twitter.

The publication did go on to update the original piece’s headline, as well as offer an apology to Donnie and the people of Boston in a seperate article.

Since everyone from the New York Times to “The Simpsons” has also made the error over the years, don’t expect to see “a Southie” go away anytime soon.

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