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Ford Mustang a solid bet for those is the used car market

Model: 1999 to 2004 Ford Mustang
Vehicle Type: Sports Coupe/Convertible
Approximate used car price range: $4,000 to $25,000

History/Description: 1999 saw the introduction of an edgy, chiseled and blocky look that defined the Ford Mustang for some six years. Many enthusiasts still insist this generation is the most distinctive and attractive Mustang iteration on the road.

This generation ’Stang came in any combination of V6 or V8 power, convertible or coupe body styles, and automatic or manual transmission. The V6-powered automatic Mustang is very common in the used market, while the V8, five-speed stick combo is the most popular with enthusiasts.

This era of Mustang’s V6 engine made 190 horsepower, while the V8-powered Mustang GT got 260. The latter engine is a solid, proven and reliable performer, not to mention an award-winner. Of course, all Mustangs drive the right wheels — namely the ones in the back.

All the ‘must-haves’ were on board — including power accessories, cruise control, air conditioning and the like. Some models included an upgraded Shaker audio system and power leather seats, too.

What owners like: Like most enthusiast cars, Mustang owners typically gush about the styling, power, sound, character and history of their rides. Most love the ‘bang for the buck’ offered by the Mustang GT, too.

Owners rocking the V8 engine especially love the performance and inexpensive upgrades — while those with the V6 typically say their Mustang is a nice cruising car with decent mileage and performance.

What owners hate: Numerous Mustang owners have taken to the web to share their ownership stories. Common gripes include an unstable feel when driven in the snow or rain, poor interior build quality, squeaks, rattles, and limited space. The latter complaint typically centres around rear-seat headroom and trunk capacity.

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