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Foreman Forecast: Flag fever

Jeb Bush
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Let’s face it, Flag Day does not get the respect it deserves, and this weekend was no exception. Maybe that’s because the two major parties are so busy waving their own banners. In any event, expect some hot and heavy political winds to whip the pennants of the 2016 race this week.

1. BATTLE FLAG: Hillary Clinton, wounded by wilting poll numbers, is calling for a charge after yet another announcement of her candidacy. Operatives hope her rally in dark blue New York City pays off with more voters seeing her in personal — not merely political terms since she is making her mom a centerpiece. (Yeah, it’s not exactly that easy … but I get their idea.) Meanwhile, you can count on pundits to be looking for signs of fraying in husband Bill’s interview with Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” The simple truth: As long as Camp Clinton is under siege over foundations, finances and emails, getting the troops in line will prove difficult.

On the Republican side, Jeb Bush will finally dash from the grasslands and try to grab the flag down in Alligator Alley. His long-awaited announcement that he is running for the Oval Office will come in his home state of Florida, which is convenient in several ways. It’s an easy drive; the location will be a tip of the hat to all those who liked him as governor there; and it will be a direct challenge to his pal, Marco Rubio, who is courting the same crowd for the GOP nomination. Love and war, kids, love and war.

And the White House, while not ready to surrender, certainly will have to regroup after Congressional Democrats walloped President Obama late last week over his Pacific trade deal. If this pillar of the president’s legacy can’t be resurrected and defended, watch other politicos hoist the “Lame Duck” banner high over Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tom foreman predicts this week in politics. He is a CNN Correspondent and author of the upcoming book “My Year of Running Dangerously: A dad, a daughter, and a ridiculous plan.”

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