Foreman Forecast: Missiles, bad hair and Brits, oh my! – Metro US

Foreman Forecast: Missiles, bad hair and Brits, oh my!

Foreman Forecast: Missiles, bad hair and Brits, oh my!
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After all the excitement of the British elections (and a polling meltdown) all eyes will turn back to domestic matters on the political front this week. Here are three things to watch.

1. President Obama will be chatting it up with leaders from the Middle East about missile defense.
The White House could wind up pushing out news about more support, more intelligence sharing and more weapons sales depending on how it goes. The goal? Quieting fears that his Iran deal will eventually wind up with that Shiite nation holding nukes anyway while the neighbors get nervous.

2. Expect naysayers to keep piling the dirt on Chris Christie’s presidential dreams this week.
The New Jersey governor continues to be hammered over Bridgegate, and now over a legal challenge to a law he championed to reform his state’s pension plan. Dems, who once feared him as a formidable threat to Hillary Clinton, clearly hope this finishes him off so they can focus on more entertaining foes like Donald Trump.

3. OK, we are not the Brits. We’re not really even very much like them. We eat cookies, they eat biscuits. We drive trucks, they drive lorries. Heck, we even fought a war to break free of their tea-sipping shenanigans. Nonetheless, after the Conservatives there beat the royal pudding out of all opponents in the election, you can bet your Burberry that Repubs here will be citing that victory as a harbinger of things to come in 2016. Cue the “Braveheart” music as Dems ride around the Capitol howling “They’ll never take our freedom!”

Tom Foreman predicts this week in politics. He is a CNN correspondent and author of the upcoming book “My Year of Running Dangerously: A dad, a daughter, and a ridiculous plan.”