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Foreman Forecast: Sheep, burritos and bucks?

Foreman Forecast: Sheep, burritos and bucks?
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1. RAM TOUGH: Carly Fiorina made her bones in business, and she is expected to announce her bid for the GOP presidential nomination. The former CEO of Hewlett Packard made heads spin with the weird “demon sheep” commercials she used in her 2010 campaign for Senate. She won the primary, but then Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer fleeced her in the general election. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be president, but Dr. Ben Carson (who is one) hopes it won’t hurt. He was the first person to successfully separate conjoined twins attached at the head, and he’s also hopping into the Republican kerfuffle counting on strong conservative support. And here’s an old joke: What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A bass player. Or you could call him Mike Huckabee, who plays the bass. The former governor of Arkansas/TV host will round out the GOP’ers announcing for the Oval Office this week.

2. WANT CHIPS WITH THAT?: Hillary Clinton’s “Smaller is Better” campaign tour steams into California where she will hang with the rich and famous. No diners? Probably not. It’s a fundraising trip for the 2016 election which some analysts believe could see both parties and their pals spending $4 billion. But perhaps with luck we’ll get a Hollywood reprise of Clinton’s most recent role: Jackie-O goes to Chipotle.

3. WEARING NIKES, BUT NOT RUNNING: Although politicians always say they despise the supersized influence of money, whenever they can grab dollars they do so faster than retirees at a casino. So Barack Obama will be jetting to Oregon to raise bucks for the Democratic Party. He’ll also be at Nike headquarters to talk up a big new trade deal with Pacific nations. His message to Congressional opponents (including some in his own party): Just do it.

Tom Foreman predicts this week in politics. He is a CNN Correspondent and author of the upcoming book “My Year of Running Dangerously: A dad,a daughter, and a ridiculous plan.”