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Forget the spa, say hello to holistic

For many, spring renewal means a spa visit to undo winter’s visual damage. But a holistic healing therapy like Aveda’s Himalayan Rejuvenation Treatment goes far beyond cosmetic. This two-hour, three-part treatment clears sinuses, promotes lymphatic drainage and boosts blood circulation and toxin elimination. People with high blood pressure, diabetes or those taking medications should check with a doctor before signing up, and due to the intense training involved, not all Aveda spas offer this treatment.

“This is one of the longest treatments we do,” says Sara Mackie, a licensed massage therapist who trains therapists. “It’s geared to whole-body removal of toxins,”?she says. “It starts with special facial massage and steam, which decongests, allowing fuller breathing, increasing oxygenation and improving the immune system.”

Mackie says that people would be shocked by all the gunk stuck in sinus cavities, including viral matter. “It’s not just sinusitis sufferers that can benefit from this,” she says.

Next comes dry-skin brushing, which stimulates the body’s largest organ — the skin. Heat, steam and massage jump-start detoxification and circulation. The shirodhara, which drips rose water on the forehead, completes the de-clogging.

“It’s about unleashing our powers of instinct. It’s hard to describe, but it’s part of Ayurvedic healing, which this is based on,” says Mackie of the shirodhara.

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