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Former Giants DE Justin Tuck embracing fantasy football

Former New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck has always had a strong presence online. 
Whether it be his Twitter account with 241,000 followers or through his R.U.S.H for Literacy Foundation, the retired star never seems too distant from his fans. 
Now, he’s getting into the fantasy football game and giving fans all over the world a chance to play with him.
Working with the fantasy sports website DraftKings,  Tuck has started up a league of his own so aptly named The Justin Tuck League.‘ 
“I know that’s simple but the reason why it is that I want a lot of people to come interact with me and play in my league,” Tuck said. 
While playing alongside one of your favorite players is a thrill enough, Tuck added that there is an opportunity to win cash prizes. 
Serious cash prizes. Like, $1 billion serious: 
“It’s for Week 1 only and it’s free to enter… It’s the opportunity for a player on the Draft Kings platform to create a perfect lineup, which is the No. 1 fantasy player at every position. If a player is skillful enough to create that lineup, then they’ll be a billion dollars richer.  It’s available for players in New York as well and I know there’s been some confusion around whether DraftKings is available to New York residents. The answer is yes and I’ll also be playing.”
Sure, a lot of people claim that fantasy football is all luck. Sometimes injuries or off-field issues can derail big-time names and your team. 
But Tuck believes he has an edge considering he spent 11 seasons in the NFL. 
“I would think it adds an advantage,” he said. “I think when it comes to fantasy, the ones that are most skillful are the ones that are knowledgeable about certain players and how they play on the road or how certain offenses match up against certain defenses or how players match up against other players.” 
“I think obviously playing adds a level of expertise of being a fantasy player. Also, it adds to the level of success you have.”
He still has a couple days to prepare before setting his lineups, but for his first pick? 
“Aaron Rodgers would be on my list, Tom Brady would be high on there, too.”
Don’t tell Eli Manning. 

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