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Former Law & Order star gives acting another shot

If the adage of being careful for what you wish for is at all ominous, Angie Harmon has got good karma. Being a full-time mom and now on a top-rated cable television show, it’s hard to believe the actress almost shut the door for good.

How did you come about hearing of the show?
TNT offered [the role] to me. I was pretty much getting ready to retire and thinking that I’m going to move back East with my kids and raise my little girls and go be mommy, and I wasn’t really finding the roles that I wanted to play. And so I just sort of made a deal with God — I was like, “OK, I would love something on cable, shoot five months a year, and then I get to be mommy the rest of the time. [I’d] like to be funny and strong and intelligent.” And literally the next day it was on my front porch because my manager lives down the street.

This series is based on Tess Gerritsen’s hit series of books. Are you a fan of mysteries?
I hadn’t read Tess’ books until we started playing the characters and now I’m obsessed. And it’s been interesting because, like I was saying, you know Billie [Burke] and I are shooting together and here I am reading about our future. It’s so fun playing this out for the audience.

What is your interpretation of the character of Rizzoli?
I think there [are characteristics about Rizzoli that] I really enjoyed playing. I mean, she’s witty, she’s funny, and a lot of people you know don’t see me as a funny character because I don’t usually get to play them. I’m usually cast in the more dramatic roles, and it’s been a really fun time playing her humour and playing her attitude.

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