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Former Subway star Jared Fogle allegedly paid 16-year-old for sex


Text messages allegedly from former Subway spokesman JaredFoglewere subpoenaed by the FBI and reportedly showFoglesaying he paid a 16-year-old for sex, according to Business Insider.
The text messages were originally from a former “Subway franchisee,” with whomFoglehad a sexual relationship, who complained to Subway aboutFogle’s behaviour. Subway has stated that it has no records of her complaint.
Business Insider reports they viewedFogle’s text messages, dating back to 2008, in whichFogleasks the woman to advertise herself for sex with men on Craigslist.
“On June 19, the lawyer says that Fogle again asked the woman to advertise herself on Craigslist. She responds: ‘Is this the same website you found that 16 year old girl you that you f*****? …I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her.’”
“‘Fogle responds: “It was amazing!!!!’”
“She asks: ‘What part of her ad made you think she was selling sex?’”
“He says: ‘U will have to read them to see.’”
“The age of consent in Indiana, where Fogle resides, is 16 years old.”
Fogel was the face Subway for much of the 2000s, promoting his “Subway” diet as the reason for his losing weight and recovering from obesity.
Earlier this summer the FBI raided Fogel’s home in connection to his foundation’s director being charged with child exploitation and possession of child porn.
Subway cut off all ties to Fogel following the raid.

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