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Former White House photographer shuts down Trump’s Boy Scout speech with one photo

Pete Souza Trump Boy Scouts
Photo: Instagram/ petesouza

At the National Boy Scout Jamboree, President Trump gave a speech that was, by dictionary definition, inappropriate. To a crowd of 35,000 boys who recite a creed that they will be “courteous,” “kind” and “reverent,” the president swore. “Who the hell wants to talk about politics?” he said, before beginning a speech about politics, before an organization that is avowedly apolitical. He talked about his electoral college victory — chastising Hillary Clinton for not working hard enough in Wisconsin — and a cocktail party in New York City. He threatened Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price, who stood onstage, to round up votes for Trumpcare or “You’re fired.” He goaded the boys into booing President Obama. He plugged the repeal of Obamacare, and the boys chanted “USA! USA! USA!”

There was not much in the way of traditional inspiration or mentorly advice. But it will go down in history as the first Jamboree — and perhaps the first presidential speech, period — that had commentators, former scouts and Twitter users drawing a direct line from the chanting, uniformed crowd to the Hitler Youth.

Enter Pete Souza.

The former official White House photographer under President Obama, Souza has become something of a master of the artful Instagram burn. After a particularly grotesque Trump action, he will post a picture from the Obama administration reinforcing presidential norms. For example, after Trump refused to shake German chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand, Souza posted a photo of she and Obama embracing. After Trump decried members of the G10 to their faces, Souza posted a shot of Obama and the other leaders laughing effusively.

After yesterday’s speech, in which Trump criticized Obama for never attending a Jamboree — although Obama was a Boy Scout, and Trump was not — Souza posted this photo to his Instagram.


“I can assure you, POTUS was not telling this Cub Scout and the Boy Scouts who followed about his electoral college victory,” read his caption. “Some days this account is the only thing that makes the current administration bearable,” one commenter responded.

On Twitter, former Boy Scouts decried President Trump’s actions more pointedly.


The Boy Scouts of America organization tweeted its official policy — that it is apolitical. But they have not officially criticized the president’s remarks.


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