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Former White House photographer trolls Trump with photo of Obamas holding hands

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Holding Hands

In the young Trump administration, the troll immediately became the trolled.

The most spectacular example is former White House photographer Pete Souza, who served as President Obama’s official documentarian and would win the Pulitzer Prize for Instigation Journalism, should such an award exist — which is surely not being suggested here.

Since Trump has taken office, Souza has taken to his Instagram account, commenting on the administration’s events of the day and Trump’s numerous foibles, statements, misstatements and questionable decisions — generally, most ways he could be judged inferior to President Obama — by posting complementary photos from the Obama era, which are not quite complimentary.

The latest example came on Monday, after President Trump deplaned in Israel with first lady Melania Trump. As the pair walked down a red carpet, Trump offered Melania his hand, which she seemed to swat away.


On Tuesday, Souza posted a photo of President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, casually holding hands during an event. His caption: “Holding hands.” The number of likes: 207,000.



Holding hands.

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Other greatest hits: After a Time magazine cover story on President Trump’s behavior after dark — hosting dinner parties, tweeting and watching cable news while commenting, “Watch them start to choke like dogs” — Souza posted this image he captioned, “Barack Obama after hours (from 2010):”



Barack Obama after hours. (From 2010)

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When Trump did not offer a handshake to German chancellor Angela Merkel at their first meeting, Souza posted this image of Merkel and Obama embracing at their first meeting:



First time meeting Angela Merkel in 2009

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And when presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on a TV news program defending President Trump’s baseless accusations that Obama had wiretapped him by talking about new methods of surveillance, including cameras in microwaves, Souza offered this:



Someone has been photoshopping one of my photos. For the record, it wasn’t me.

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His most recent posting came Wednesday, after images of Trump’s first meeting with Pope Francis depicted the pontiff posing with Trump from a few feet away, looking grim.



Mutual admiration, 2016.

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