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Fougere plans council cuts

If Sheila Fougere becomes mayor, she wants a lot less company at council meetings.

Fougere, the 10-year Connaught-Quinpool councillor who’s running for mayor, thinks 23 councillors — plus one mayor — is too many for a city this size.

Fifteen councillors, she said, would be enough to represent the city, without getting into repetitious debates.

“It’s too cumbersome. Ask 24 people what colour to paint your house, and see what answer you get,” Fougere said.

She said she would use community councils to consider issues that don’t concern the entire city rather than send them to the entire council, which she said can make them into a “free-for-all.”

Fougere launched her campaign platform Friday. So far, her only declared
opponent is Mayor Peter Kelly.

Fougere said she wants to see Metro Transit expand so more people can use it to commute to work. More than 15,000 people work in Burnside Industrial Park, she said, but bus service is sketchy.

“Even when you get off the bus, you’re liable to get off in the middle of a snowbank,” Fougere said.

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