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Four citizens hold alleged robber at the scene: Police

Four Calgarians are being credited with detaining an alleged robber while police were en route.

Around 11 p.m. on Saturday night, police were called to the Glenmore Pool, where William Crawford, 43, had allegedly driven a stolen car through the building doors.

He was under the influence of drugs and was presumably in search of cash, said acting Insp. Michael Watterston.

According to police, he fled the scene and 15 minutes later crashed through the doors of a hair salon in the Riverbend Shopping Centre on 18th Street SE.

As he was attempting to leave, three male onlookers grabbed him while a female called the police, police said.

“It’s not something that we openly encourage people to put themselves in harms way but … they did it safely, they didn’t get hurt and the person contacting police was able to co-ordinate police arriving shortly after these guys grabbed a hold of our offender,” said Watterston.

“This was an individual that we were actually looking for — he was a prolific break-and-enter artist, so it was great to get a hold of him and take him off the streets.”

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