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Free hugs for the Hub

The people at Boston’s Definition of Nyce company believe a simple act of kindness, like hugging a stranger, doesn’t only feel good, it spreads love and happiness.

That’s why the non-profit street wear company is rallying well-wishers to hit the streets of Boston Saturday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to try and hand out 10,000 free hugs to anyone they can during a march between Boston Common and the South End.

If nature tries to rain on the “hug chain,” they will distribute the free hugs to shoppers inside the Prudential Center.

“Our goal is to spread positive messages, and get a lot of people involved in a positive event in the city. We hope that it is a success,” said Renee Deschene, a Definition of Nyce employee.

While hugs are often a welcome gesture between loved ones, it’s no secret that strangers aren’t always keen on random people approaching them with open arms, but for optimist Deschene, that’s no reason not to try.

“We’re anticipating (to get shut down) a little bit, but were hopeful. If were a large group of happy, smiling people, we figure a lot of people will hug us back,” she said.

The huggers will be wearing matching T-shirts that depict an open-armed rhinoceros with the caption “Hug Me.” As a gesture of generosity, they also plan to hand out 2,000 of the free shirts.

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