French women don’t get fat — or stressed

In 2004, French author and businesswoman Mireille Guiliano wrote about how to achieve balance in your diet and how to banish guilty feelings over food in her best-selling “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”?Now, through lessons, advice and personal stories, Guiliano demonstrates “the essential need to find a balance between work life and personal life” in her latest book, “Women, Work & The Art of Savoir Faire.”

“Despite increasing amounts of leisure time, stress levels are on the rise,” Guiliano says. “We are currently facing a ‘21st-century trap’ in which our constant connection to technology and the expectation that we will multitask leaves no room for relaxation.”

Additionally, the recession may be to blame for sky-high stress levels. “Many women have gone back to work, trying to exert themselves beyond any healthy balance,” Guiliano says. And because women are nurturers, “we want to do it all and control it all without taking time for ourselves.”

But there is hope to succeed with style and dignity intact, Guiliano insists: “Work-life balance has a lot to do with personal choice. A demanding job does not mean constant stress and exhaustion.”

And forget about feeling guilty when you take time for yourself. “We are all responsible for [our] own well-being,”?Guiliano says. “Taking care of your body will have a huge effect on the way you feel, work and are perceived by others.”

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