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From Brickbreaker to fearless risk-taker

Ali Asaria

Founder of Well.ca, creator of Brickbreaker

Ali Asaria says he’s fearless when it comes to computers. “I’m not afraid of breaking things and I take risks.”

His first job was at Research in Motion and in his spare time, Asaria developed a game called Brickbreaker. It is now the post popular mobile game in the world, installed on close to 40 million BlackBerrys. “Even U.S. President Obama likes playing it, “Asaria says with a laugh.

Three years ago, Ali decided it was time to take another risk. He sold off everything he owned, and started his own e-commerce company based on his father’s successful pharmacy business in Guelph, Ontario.

“I would write software for the website during the day and pack boxes with orders at night. That was three years ago. We have 60 people working at Well.ca now.”

What does the future hold for this fearless risk taker? Expansion. “From clothing to auto parts, we have big dreams and a big vision for growth.”

The fastest growing e-commerce company in Canada and the most popular mobile game in the world. Not bad for an entrepreneur who just turned 30 years old.

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