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From Comedian to one of the ‘Losers’

After stealing the show as bitter antihero Comedian in last year’s “Watchmen,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan steps up as Clay, the leader of a group of double-crossed special forces soldiers in “The Losers,” another comic book adaptation. He’s making quite a name for himself in the comics world — though diehard fans of his “Grey’s Anatomy” character may beg to differ — and it’s not something he’s exactly complaining about. Morgan sat down with Metro to talk about his fellow “Losers” and the hazards of walking into comic book shops these days.

Did you get a chance to read “The Losers” before making the movie?

Absolutely. I picked up the comic books during the midst of the “Watchmen” stuff. And I remember going into a little comic book store in New York, and I walked in and there was Comedian dolls and stuff all over the walls. It was a pretty surreal moment. And I was like, “I need this comic book, ‘The Losers,’” and immediately they were like, “Are you doing the movie?”

So now if you buy a comic book, do people assume you’re doing the movie?

I think they might. That’s very possible. I’ll go grab “Wonder Woman” tomorrow. [Laughs] Luckily, this kind of audience has sort of embraced me.

How did you get that level of camaraderie in “The Losers”?

I think that was pure luck. Normally we’ll sit and talk about how great the chemistry was with the cast, and that’s usually bulls—. This truly was. As soon as we hit Puerto Rico and started the training process, we sort of just fell in love with each other. There weren’t any egos, and we all had this very similar sense of humor.

Are there any other comic book characters that you have your eye on?

Not at the moment, but I’m sure there are. As many comic book movies as there are being made that I’m so excited about seeing, there’s still so many untapped — like a lot of people didn’t know “Losers” was a graphic novel. There’s still a lot of stuff out there that I think is still up for grabs. What I need to do is go to the comic book store and try just grabbing stuff.

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