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From dating George Clooney to Steve-O?

We heard the Elisabetta Canalis/Steve-O rumours a couple weeks ago, but we were willing to ignore them. After all, what would George Clooney’s recent ex be doing with one of the Jackass guys?

As it turns out, dating him.

In a video from TMZ, the Dancing with the Stars contestants are caught leaving a salon together in L.A. before escaping to Steve-O’s car.

Not only is she dating Steve-O, she is demurely declining to comment in paparazzi central — the B-team Hollywood equivalent of moving to a good school district and buying a minivan.

Thing is though, Steve-O doesn’t look too bad these days.

He’s no longer putting fishing hooks through his cheek and jumping into shark-infested waters — this happened, and we all share some blame — and has been sober for a couple years. He’s a vegan, and judging from his anti-fur ad for PETA, has a pretty cute vegan butt.

Wait — what is Steve-O doing with George Clooney’s ex?

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