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Frozen streets, overheated homes

Recent blizzards have turned apartments into safe havens from the chilling temperatures and icy sidewalks. But once cooped up inside, how do you keep sane with pesky roommates and inadequate heating? Teri Karush Rogers — CEO and editorial director of Brick Underground, a website for NYC apartment-dwellers — says: “The beauty of living in the city during the winter is that even if there is a snowstorm, you can still order Chinese delivery. But there are things people overlook in their apartment that could become a problem.” Her tips on surviving indoors:

1 “Keep mindful of roommates. Staying inside leaves room for getting under one another’s skin. Wear headphones, and respect each other’s space.”

2 “Since NYC doesn’t have mudrooms like the suburbs, if you leave your boots outside to dry, remember to bring them back in as soon as possible.”

3 “If you purchase a space heater, review the safety regulations. Allow three feet between the heater and the wall or curtains to avoid fires.”

4 “Even during a ‘Snow-pocalypse’ you can still access the corner deli and watch cable, too. But it doesn’t hurt to have the necessities such as cash, flashlights and water just in case.”

5 “Find your balance. It might be 12 degrees outside, but inside it’s 85. Instead of cranking the AC, conserve energy and open the window to regulate the temperature.”

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