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Fuel your inner unicorn with rainbow food during Negroni Week

Negroni Pony Waffle at The Horny Ram

When your inner unicorn gets hungry, give them a balanced breakfast of rainbow waffles.

The Insta-ready Negroni Pony Waffle can be found during brunch at The Horny Ram, a new Midtown tavern that’s leaned into its name by creating this treat that looks right out of “My Little Pony.”

Alas, you can only get it the weekend of June 10-11 as part of Negroni Week. Back for its fifth edition from June 5-11, Negroni Week began in bars as a way to highlight the cocktail of gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and an orange twist, with each participating venue making a donation to a local charity (over $900,000 has been raised to date).

The concept didn’t stay confined to cocktails for long, as chefs and bakers took up the challenge.

This year’s entries produced some especially trendy results, given that the main ingredient — the red Italian liquor Campari — lends itself perfectly to all three of the hottest fads in the culinary world: rainbow food, millennial pink and bitter cocktails.

Find all the special Negroni Week items at more than 120 venues across the city online, and check out a few more menu highlights:

Negroni Pop Tarts

Sorry kiddos, these Pop Tarts are for the grown-ups. Brooklyn’s dessert shop and cocktail bar Butter & Scotch is fillings a pastry pocket with Negroni custard, glazed with an orange and Campari icing. Plus sprinkles, because why not? 818 Franklin Ave., Crown Heights

Negroni Ring Dings

Negroni Ring Dings

Even since the world lost its mind about Twinkies being discontinued (then revived), a retro dessert revival has been underway. For Negroni Week, Duane Park Patisserie has created its take on the Ring Ding with two cake flavors — gin and sweet vermouth — with Campari cream filling and an orange chocolate shell. 179 Duane St., Tribeca

Mai Tai Unigroni

Mai Tai Unigroni

Bartender Josh Campbell at Leyenda crossed the Negroni with the best beach cocktails, creating a summery frozen drink made with Campari, Appleton reserve, Cinzano Bianco, Cinzano 1757, lime juice, Bonita Biz (mango, coconut, vanilla, yogurt), a red wine float and butterfly pea tea ice, which is apparently the special ingredient for “that unicorn glow.” 221 Smith St., Cobble Hill