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Fuhgeddaboudit added to Oxford English Dictionary

Kai Brinker / Flickr Creative Commons

You can fuhgeddaboudit, if you insist this phrase isn’t a real word.

The famous saying associated with New York City and New Jersey residents has just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Made popular in pop culture by Italian-American characters, such as in “The Sopranos,” the word, according to Oxford, means “‘forget about it’; used to indicate that a suggested scenario is unlikely or undesirable.” Unofficial alternate spellings include foggetaboutit and fuhgeddaboutit.

Before Oxford caught onto its legitimacy, then-Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz decided to honor the beloved local saying with a “Leaving Brooklyn” sign.

One of many unique signs greeting and saying goodbye to visitors to the borough, Markowitz told the Brooklyn DailyEaglerecently that he wanted to “let everyone know coming into Brooklyn or leaving that they were in a special place or leaving a special place.”

“It was really about branding Brooklyn as a unique place to live, grow a family, have a business, work and be from,” he said.

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