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Fun fore all at Bar Golf Invitational

Moving golf from the fairways to Faneuil Hall, the Boston Bar Golf Invitational works off the idea that the sport itself just gets in the way of the age-old pastime of drinking in funny outfits.

The annual pub crawl typically draws in more than 1,000 participants, who make their way through a course comprised of nine different bars, earning points at each location for drinks consumed and T-shirt signatures collected. Points can also be lost for hazards such as falling down or spilling a drink.

Although the event is 21+, Bar Golf USA co-president Ryan McCullough says that non-drinkers with a love of argyle and plaid attire are encouraged to attend, as well.

“Drinking’s not required,” he says. “The purpose is just to get out of your house on a Saturday and meet different people dressed in crazy golf outfits.”

2010 Boston Bar

Golf Invitational

Saturday, 2 p.m.

Begins at Ned Devine’s

Faneuil Hall

$10-$20, 21+


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