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Fun to be had for all at street festival

While the World Cup final was wrapping up, Edmontonians were out enjoying the sun in Churchill Square for the 26th annual Edmonton Street Performers Festival.

Featuring everything from sword swallowing and balloon animals to men doing somersaults in fat suits and juggling baseball bats with drumsticks, visitors spent the day ooh-ing, ah-ing, gasping and laughing as they were entertained by the performers at this year’s festival.

The festival promises to be entertaining for the whole family, with a variety of shows to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

“We are having a blast,” said Debbie Mears, who brought the whole family, including the grandkids, down to the festival.

“It’s original, it’s fun,” she said about one of the performances. “It got the crowd involved and the fact that she used adults instead of just kids made it fun for everyone.”

The Street Performers Festival runs until July 18 at Sir Winston Churchill Square and admission is free. Just give whatever you feel is fair to each performer after the show.