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Fun ways to build your skills in the new year

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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over and it’s time to get back down to business. If your New Year’s resolutions entail landing the corner office with a nice, big promotion along with whittling down that waistline as well as booking that bucket list trip to Australia, it really is possible to make itall happen. There are several ways to think outside the cubicle to boost your career while simultaneously rocking out with these robust and healthy New Year’s resolutions.

The joy of improv: Want to ditch public speaking anxieties once and for all? Embrace the fear and take an improv class. Seriously. You’ll learn the craft of being on the same team at all times with a variety of people, even if you don’tnecessarily see eye-to-eye. And you’ll learn to go with the flow by rolling with different scenarios.

Cardio tap dance: “All sweat, no judgment” is the mantra at Cardio Tap, a heart-pumping tap dancing class currently available in New York, Boston and Seattle. If tap is not your thing, any intense dance class will do. The confidence you’ll get by nailing two resolutions in one will give you the extra oomph to nail an important job interview or presentation.

Boot camp: It’s important to get out of your own head sometimes. Move that body and release all notions of work, let out aggression and embrace the intenseness of boot camp. Think of this as a natural stress reducer and brain stimulator to return to the office feeling (and looking) a lot lighter and thinking a whole lot clearer.

Yoga: Create downtime for yourself by taking a yoga class during your lunch break or immediately after work. Self-care is incredibly important when you’re working on lofty resolutions like manifesting an amazing trip and the salary to fund it, taking on new, challenging responsibilities or navigating a difficult work situation. Yoga also boosts motivation, creativity and positive well-being about your life and work.

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