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Fun with family rooms

The family room has a big job to do. It hosts movie marathons, monthly book club meetings, Guitar Hero competitions and poker nights, all while providing ample seating and a place to put all the cards, cords and cases at the end of the day.

“Storage is key. Because we spend so much time in our family rooms, a lot of our belongings end up there,” says, Jennifer Wilson-Speedy, editor of Yourhome.ca. “Look for clever solutions like storage ottomans, which can also double as seating and coffee tables.”

While creating a comfy tidy space stuffed with warm blankets and swishy pillows is important also keep in mind that this room should reflect who you are as a family.

“A family room is a place to have fun, so break out your favourite colours, family photos and art,” says Speedy. “My favourite rooms always have a quirky touch to them, which make the space feel alive and teaches you something about the family.”

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