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‘Future Man’ doesn’t take itself very seriously

Future Man Preview

“Future Man” is less “Preacher,” more “This is the End,” Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wise.

The series counts the two Canadians as its creators, and good thing: Not everyone can do a light take on an all-too-near dystopia. Premiering on Hulu November 14, “Future Man” is another entry into the time travel canon, set apart mainly by its protagonist, Josh Futturman (Josh Hutchinson), a deadbeat janitor living with his parents. Futturman spends the majority of his time playing “Biotic Wars,” an unbeatable video game, and chronically masturbating, as one does. That is, until the day he beats the game.

That’s when two characters from “Biotic Wars,” Tiger (the delightful Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (“Preacher” star Derek Wilson) appear in his bedroom, hailing from the future and naming Josh their unlikely uppercase-S Savior. As you’ve probably guessed, shenanigans ensue. And yes, many of them based in the sick wonders of various bodily fluids — blood, guts, and, well, let’s just call them unmentionables.

The actors are clearly having a lot of fun, and it shows.  The series makes for an airy, good time. There’s nothing wrong with it, exactly, but it’s missing a little oomph, despite very funny, very watchable performances from Hutchinson, Coupe and Wilson.

In fact, as charming as Hutchinson is as the loser turned unlikely hero, it’s Coupe and Wilson who shine the brightest, with their numerous barbaric ways feeling more tethered to the past than present. Watching them try to assimilate into 2017 is a consistent bright spot. And they’re able to mine a great deal of comedy out of so little — whether it’s snorting meth for the first time, cooking intricate, “Barefoot Contessa” worthy desserts or their insatiable thirst for murder and the consumption of sewer rats.

So if you’re looking for something enjoyable and easy to binge when you’re stuck on your family’s couch next week, “Future Man” is your best bet. But perhaps only if your family is good with the Rogen and Goldberg’s trademark raunch. Otherwise, you’ll want to clear the room when — not really a spoiler — someone gets accidentally ejaculated on in the first episode. Totally up to you.

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