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G-Eazy talks working with Britney, ‘Ghostbusters’ and that Donald Trump diss track

G-Eazy is still totally a Gemini.
Bobby Bruderle

When “the Endless Summer Tour” rolls through this summer, the rap-centric showcase brings with it strident MC Logic, the man behind “F&$# Donald Trump,” YG and party ball hip-hop king, Yo Gotti. As a headliner though, it’s Gerald “G-Eazy” Gillum’s show.

With his chiseled good looks and dark hair, he could be a matinee idol from another era. But when he starts to rap, however, atop creepy electronic soundscapes — from albums such as “These Things Happen” and “When It’s Dark Out” or singles such as his brand new contribution to the “Ghostbusters” soundtrack — he’s hip-hop’s evil demon child. Twist!

This summer finds G-Eazy not only touring and working on new solo music, but teaming up with Britney Spears for her own new music due out later this year.

Do you and YG go back a ways? You two just did the “FDT” remix and it’s a monster.

Yeah, that’s my homie. I told him at the time how important I felt that song was, with everything going on in our country and everything. It’s rare to be able to make social or political commentary on a club anthem, [and] if you play that song at any party, it goes up.

Talking about hookups, you just got a very big deal with the “Ghostbusters” soundtrack — the “Saw It Coming” track with Jeremih. How did the film opportunity come up? Why did you choose to work with J on the tune? Did you make it to the premiere in L.A.?

I couldn’t believe it when they emailed us asking me to do it… I mean I was a big fan of the original movies, so when I heard they were doing a reboot I got excited, but then to be asked to jump on the soundtrack, I mean that’s a big deal. I’ve been on tour non-stop so I didn’t make it to the premiere, but I’m excited to go see the movie.

“This s^#t is not random” is a theme that runs through your most recent album. Do you think that people underrate what you do?

‘Me, Myself & I’ was a huge record, and I think to some people it kind of felt like it came out of nowhere. You have to dig and do some research to find out that I’ve been working at this for over 10 years now. So, of course that gets frustrating when people try to write you off as if this just fell out of the sky and landed on my lap. I’ve worked my ass off for everything I have.

What can you tell me about showing up on Britney Spears’ upcoming new album? Was she easy to work with?

Being asked to do that was insane; I kind of couldn’t believe it at first. I was like, ‘Of all people, you want me?”But I did it the second she asked, we were in Australia on tour and we found a studio somewhere and cut it as soon as they sent the song.

You once told XXL, “There’s Gerald and there’s G-Eazy — the extraordinary supervillain who gives no f*&$#s and does whatever he wants.” Is that still the case or have you merged the two sides of yourself yet?

Nah, the two sides definitely haven’t merged at all. They’re complete polar opposites. I’m as much of a Gemini as a Gemini could be.

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