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Gail Simmons stocks Sriracha and champagne

Bravo's We love food writer and “Top Chef” judge Gail Simmons’ frank and descriptive assessmentsof contestant’s dishes on the hit Bravo series. So we were intriguedto read about the expert’s personal culinary preferences on www.thefashionspot.com, where Simmons is taking on the role of guest editor for the month of July.

Here are some highlight:

What’s in her fridge:

  • Two or three kinds of hot sauce (Sriracha, Harissaand Tabasco, usually)
  • Two kinds of mustard
  • A big piece of parmesan
  • Lots of lemons and limes
  • A bottle of champagne
  • A dozen eggs
  • Milk

Some of her favorite restaurants:

  1. Daniel in New York because it’s the ultimate New York fine dining experience and Daniel Boulud is a master.
  2. Etxebarri just outside of San Sebastian, which is an amazing spot for grilled everything. They’re known for their grilled beef, but they literally grill everything from caviar to ice cream.
  3. Le Comptoir du Relais in Paris is perfect for the ultimate French bistro lunch experience

    Read the full article at www.thefashionspot.com

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