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‘Galaxy Quest’ to (maybe) be beamed to Amazon — just FYI

Galaxy Quest
Alan Rickman, center — with, left to right, Daryl Mitchell, Sam Rockwell, Tony S

By Grabthar’s hammer! “Galaxy Quest,” the 1999 nerd riff about the grumpy former cast of a “Star Trek”-ian space show unwittingly beamed aboard an actual space ship, may boldly go where certain cult faves like it have recently gone before: to the realms of streaming.

Following in the footsteps of “Wet Hot American Summer,” which was recently revived as a Netflix show (and a prequel starring its 14-years-older cast at that), the comedy is allegedly in development to (maybe) become an Amazon spin-off or sequel or whatever-the-hell. In the film, Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and a rarely grouchier Alan Rickman played aging stars, sick of attending conventions for over-analyzing geeks, who find themselves caught up in intergalactic warfare.

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This is all super-early, so who knows if the cast — which also included Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell and Sam Rockwell as the token expendable crew member, scarily named “Guy” — will return, thus making it a case where the cast of a beloved movie are coerced into returning to old roles in a show about the cast of a beloved TV showed coerced into returning to old roles. Either way, any chance to force Rickman, as Sir Alexander Dane, aka, Dr. Lazarus of Tev’Meck, to sneer through lines about “the suns of Worvan” will be to humanity’s great benefit.

Also, make sure Missi Pyle — i.e., the Thermian crew member who falls in love with Shalhoub’s seemingly always stoned, “Just FYI”-spouting version of Scotty — returns, otherwise what’s the point?

Anyway, enjoy the below scene of Rockwell, in a relatively early turn, freaking out over his expendable-ness:

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