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‘Game of Thrones’: Fantasy novel ready for its close-up

How do you translate an 864-page paperback with a rabid fan base into a television series?

Very carefully, admits “A Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin, whose first novel in his A Song of Fire and Ice series, about the power struggles of warring clans, is debuting on HBO. “Television is full of lawyer shows and medical shows and situation comedies, but fantasy shows — fantasy is something that’s been largely restricted to books for a long time,” says Martin. “The readers of those books are really hungry to see some good fantasy brought to television.”

Actor Sean Bean has experience bringing a beloved novel to the screen — having starred in “The Lord of the Rings,” he now bears the sword of “Thrones” hero Eddard Stark.

“I suppose, to ‘Lord of the Rings,’ [the series is similar] in size, its quality, its magic, its danger. You know, I do happen to enjoy playing those kinds of roles with riding horses and swinging swords and having fights and wearing wigs and growing beards. I certainly enjoy this genre.”

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