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‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Cersei makes a power play

Macall B. Polay, HBO

“Sons of the Harpy,” the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” is light on forward momentum and heavy on people getting stabbed to death in fight scenes. It’s a bloody, kinetic hour of TV.

Episode MVPs

The meatiest chunks of “Sons of the Harpy” took place in King’s Landing, where Cersei Lannister militarized a group of religious fanatics— called Sparrows — and pointed them toward the Tyrell family, whoCersei considers her competition. While this might look like a win for Cersei, she may come to regret handing the Sparrows so much power. Cersei’s always had a tendency to pull the trigger before aiming the gun, and without Tywin or Tyrion around to reign her in, there’s no telling who the bullet might hurt.

Speaking of Tyrion, he’s trapped on a boat with Jorah Mormont, his kidnapper. We only get a brief scene with these two, but it’s fun to see Tyrion waste no time before pushing Jorah’s buttons. This should be a fun road trip to watch.

Although “Sons of the Harpy” checked in with many of our major players, they were mostly getting ready for future episodes. To make up for it, we got some satisfying fight scenes, including one in which Jaime and Bronn, newly arrived in Dorne, felled their unwelcoming welcome party in a bloody scuffle in the sand. Also, kudos to Jaime for catching a sword slash with his golden hand — it had to be good for something.

Our watch for next week begins

The other big battle this week took place in Meereen, where Barristan Selmy and Grey Worm fought a group of guerrilla fighters unhappy with Daenerys Targaryen’s rule. The show has stayed away from cliffhangers this season, but fans will be biting their nails as they wait to discover whether Barristan and Grey Worm survived. Would their deaths be enough to convince the Mother of Dragons to let her children out of their cage?

Croatia planning a “Game of Thrones” museum

For years, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik has stood in for King’s Landing. The show’s popularity has brought a lot of tourism to the city, and the government is hoping to ensure people keep visiting after the show has wrapped by constructing a “Game of Thrones” museum. Dubrovnik recently purchased the original Iron Throne prop, so if you want to pretend to be the ruler of Westeros, you know where to go.

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