Game on for next PC leader – Metro US

Game on for next PC leader

With Rodney MacDonald now gone, the Progressive Conservatives have to get around to picking a permanent replacement.

Karen Casey was named interim leader yesterday, but was vague about whether she wanted to lead the party into the next election.

“There will be a decision made by the PC party at their (annual general meeting) as to when there will be a leadership convention and my intentions will be made known then,” she said.

No one has publicly stated their desire to take over, but there are many possible contenders. Aside from Casey, former health minister Chris d’Entremont is considered a strong candidate.

Former justice minister Cecil Clarke’s name has also been tossed around, although the debacle over mistaken prisoner releases earlier this year could hurt his chances.

The Tories could look outside their caucus. One obvious candidate is Halifax Regional Municipality Mayor Peter Kelly. Kelly has not publicly confirmed he is seeking the Tory job, though he has admitted to thinking about it. He has already been fundraising this year, despite just winning a new term as mayor last fall.