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#GamerGate is now becoming a movie staring Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson
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The Internet’s favorite geek girl Felicia Day opened up to us recently about how traumatizing being stalked and harrassed because of her love for online gaming was. She is just one of several women who are victims of #GamerGate, being threatened and targeted by anti-feminists who do not believe women have a place in the gaming community. Another gamer, Brianna Wu, had to leave her home because of rape and death threats.

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Now, the Internet cultural war is getting the movie treatment in a film that is rumored to star Scarlett Johansson. According to Deadline, the film rights have just been sold for Zoe Quinn (another #GamerGate victim)’s memoir, “Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself.” Considering Johannson’s personal email was hacked and nude photos of her were leaked a few years ago, there’s no doubt she would play the role passionately.

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Talks are still in the very early developments, but its a big step into raising awareness for an important and dangerous issue.

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