Games no place for politics: Rally

After weeks of pro-Tibet rallies across Canada, more than 5,000 Chinese-Canadians demonstrated on Parliament Hill yesterday to call for an end to the politicizing of the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing.
The rally protested the violence happening in the Tibet region and also that the Summer Games are being mixed up with politics, according to Adam Wang, a spokesman for the event that was also meant to show support for the “One China” policy — a principle that mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet and Taiwan are all part of China.
Derek Chin, a Carleton University commerce student who came from China five years ago, was holding a sign that read “Politics out of Olympics.”
“The news these days are all about people around the world that attacked the torch relay. We need to show support to the Olympic Games because no politics should be involved in the Olympic games. The Games are for the whole world. That’s the slogan we have, one world one dream. I don’t think any people or organization should show any kind of political involvement.”
Wang said the One China policy is a view taken by more than 100 countries, including Canada.
“The message from our community is that China is changing — economically, politically and from a human rights standpoint — for the better,” Wang said. “China is getting more important on the world stage of politics and economy.”
For the most part, the non-Chinese community is well informed on the issues, he said. “But we’re hoping this rally will give them more information. We’re hoping to raise awareness so that people can understand the other side of the story.”
Kai Shen said western media has been biased against China.
“You need to understand the history of Tibet and China before you decide,” said the Ottawa chemist. “Without that knowledge, you cannot say anything.”

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