metro newspaper daily crossword puzzle answers april 16 2014



    1In the sack
    5Talks on and on
    9Rover's restraint
    14Chanel's nickname
    15"Not the half -- --!"
    17Earl -- Biggers
    18Canadian prov.
    19Improve upon
    20Fall apart
    24Of the hipbone
    26Karate level
    27Get to safety
    30Rendering helpless
    35Use the door
    36Storytelling dance
    37Earth orbiter
    38Kung fu's Bruce --
    39Stiff straw hats
    42Pablo's aunt
    43Retirees' kitties
    45Processes cotton
    46Part of LCD
    50Ribs or needles
    52Grassy areas
    54Carpet leftover
    58In plain sight
    62Arkin and Greenspan
    63Viking name
    65KWh bill
    66Poker pair
    67Oprah's middle name
    68Window part
    69Swiss miss
    70Foot part
    71Inspector Kojak

  • DOWN
    1"Who Made Who" rockers
    2Transvaal settler
    3Neutral shade
    4Furry-tailed rodents
    5Hockey player
    6Wouldn't hurt -- --
    7Overalls front
    8Galaxy unit
    9Foulard kin
    10Bare or bear
    11"The Mammoth Hunters" writer
    12Can't be
    13Rorem and Beatty
    21Book jacket ad
    23Psychic -- Cayce
    25Indian relish
    27Historical memento
    28January, in Jalisco
    29Kind of bath
    31Cries at the bullfight
    32Tiny specks
    33Library no-no
    34Small fly
    36Narrow margin
    40Nash of humorous poems
    41Downhill racers
    47Most facile
    49Andre of tennis
    53Be of benefit
    54Not cautious
    55Nadelman or Ducommun
    56Skirt length
    60-- -majeste
    61Yodeler's answer
    64Author -- -Tzu




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