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Crossword puzzle answers: April 22, 2014

Here are the answers to your daily crossword puzzle featured in today's Metro newspaper.

Check out the answers to Metro's daily crossword puzzle.

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    1Juicy pear
    5Ranis' spouses
    10Aloe --
    14Like a rain forest
    15Wyoming neighbor
    16Bing Crosby tune
    17"I, --" (rock autobiography)
    18Cilia possessor
    20Says hoarsely
    22Pleases greatly
    25Link up
    27Is able to
    28"Wool" on clay sheep
    33Silly comedy
    35Yin complement
    36Part of TGIF
    37"-- Vadis?"
    38Md. neighbor
    39First cousin's mom
    41Bossa nova kin
    43German industrial region
    44101 and I-25
    46Celtic priests
    48Arm bone
    50Kind of penguin
    51Trawler nets
    54Noted wise guy
    55Street urchin
    57Technical sch.
    61Lepton locale
    62Made public
    63Pirates' base
    64Graceful wrap
    65Mrs. Helmsley
    66Sherpa's sighting

  • DOWN
    1Mayo go-with
    2Ja, to Jacques
    3Common ID
    4Sheen or Parker
    5Overcharges (2 wds.)
    6Make fit
    7Pickle holders
    11Give off heat
    12Casanova type
    13Jacket features
    19Bulldogs backer
    21Pub pint
    23Lebanese port
    24Downhill skiing
    25John -- Astor
    26Without doubt (2 wds.)
    27Ant's morsel
    29Pineapple source
    30Encroach on
    31Petri dish gels
    34Red Sea gulf
    40Tidal wave
    41Kind of pleasure
    42Book appendixes
    43With poor grace
    47-- room (den)
    49Moon buggy
    50UFO passenger
    51Fraus, in Sp.
    52"I could -- -- horse!"
    53Frankenstein's gofer
    54Big hairdo
    56"-- upon this quiet life!"
    58Glasgow turndown
    60Part of TNT


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