Metro's crossword puzzle answers for today.


metro daily crossword puzzle may 16


    7Pilot a ferry
    10Yield territory
    14Baltimore bird
    15Charlotte of "Bananas"
    16Psychics may see one
    17Nerdy cap
    18LAX info
    19Blow hard?
    20Home made of glass (2 wds.)
    23Crack filler
    26Rushed off
    27Usher's beat
    28Overrun with
    29Periscope's place
    30Deli loaf
    31Not hesitate
    32"-- take forever!"
    36H. Rider Haggard novel
    37Find fault
    38Rand of fiction
    39"The," to Wolfgang
    43Ruin a nylon
    44College stat
    45Time divs.
    46Close friend
    47Art colony town
    48Oater classic
    51German physicist
    52Inlet, to Angus
    5310-foot lizard (2 wds.)
    56John, in Siberia
    57Ostrich look-alike
    62Say no
    63Capone foe
    65Criticize harshly
    66Mao -- -tung
    67Dance wildly

  • DOWN
    1Unruly crowd
    2Suffix for "forfeit"
    3-- Maria (coffee liqueur)
    4Shoe part
    5George or T.S.
    6Tackle-box item
    7Built in advance
    8Forum speech
    9Enthusiastic shouts
    10Meter readers
    11Estonian coins
    12Prolong the vowels
    13Ancient Rome's emblem
    21Lowly laborer
    22Field work
    23Mardi --
    24Nouveau --
    25In many cases
    29Black holes, once
    30The "R" in H.R.H.
    33Kind of party
    34Psychic -- Cayce
    42Thesaurus entry
    46Put into words
    47Fiddle with
    48Loses traction
    49Wretched hut
    50Fridge maker
    51Hounds' trails
    55LeMond or Louganis
    59S&L offering
    60Police dept. rank
    61Half a bray



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