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ACROSS        1Dainty swallows5Grills, maybe9Sheepskin holder13Europe-Asia range14Brew tea16Rolling Stones' "-- Tuesday"17Trevi Fountain coins18Ship of 149219Archipelago dot20Made the most of21Office holders22Tugged sharply24Withhold wages from26Break of day27Tough questions30Smug (2 wds.)34Cool place35Hang ten36Sup well37Villain's cry38Stacks of wood39Frat letter40Libretto feature42Pitch-dark43Alan or Adam of films45Snowshoe basics47Joins hands48Egg on49Year-end tune50Grimm maiden53-- de cologne54Term paper abbr. (2 wds.)58Cheery tone59Block, legally61Othello's betrayer62McClurg of sitcoms63"The Velvet Fog"64Hot rum drink65Shortfall66Aloha tokens67Harleys, to some
DOWN        1Chekov's shipmate2Eye part3Trim down4Went downhill fast5Tomato jellies6Reek7Knows, to Burns8Salon request9Looked like the Cheshire cat10Dry, crisp bread11Willing partner?12Recolored15Bribes23Sandy's reply25Mine find26Clouded, as a liquid27Humbug!28Windy City airport29Sir, in Mumbai30Ice hockey gear31Lairds' daggers32Out of it33Lowly laborers35Burn slightly38Curl41Met edge to edge43Stein filler44Elizabethan knight46Umbrage47Two-door cars49Fashion model -- Campbell50Secluded valley51Go on horseback52Mr. Wiesel53Raison d'--55Kahuna's spud56Beside oneself57Fireplace fuel60Helios, to the Romans 
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