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ACROSS       1Rapid transit4Bear constellation8Pantyhose shade12Charged particles13Hockey's -- Mikita14Window covering16Almost, in poems17Difficult to deal with (2 wds.)19Mock or knock21-- de Janeiro22Rib, slangily23Seldom seen25Garage service27Pouring out31Unnerves35Fronton word36Pub sign (2 wds.)38Future fern39ORD guesses41Crack filler43Rabbit dish44Bronze coins46Ms. Burstyn48Festive night49Crowds in51Beyond beautiful53Gauge distance, with "off"55Trucker's rig56Dweeb59Poet's eye61Spurred on65Explorer or knight68Aloha in Rome69Dupe70Leaning Tower town71Technical sch.72Org.73Wagon pullers74Born as
DOWN        1-- de vivre2Bridge bldr.3Casual top (hyph.)4Theater job5I-706German coal region7Ear bone8Turtle-to-be9Zoom-in shots (hyph.)10Racetrack boundary11Middies' sch.12Gary's st.15Top NCO18-- be amazed!20"The Banana Boat Song" (hyph.)24-- nous26Univ. degrees27Bounce28Alma --29Spinet, e.g.30London lockups32Eminent33Famous fountain34Tacked37Orange leavings40Plugs42Wire45Health resort47Verne's sub commander50Macbeth, for one52Vitamin B component54Blow, to a geologist56Tolstoy title word57Hunch58Baseball honorees60Crusty cheese62Wine and --63Loosen64Period66Smoking or --?67That, in Taxco 
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