Crossword puzzle answers: May 31, 2016

Here are the answers to today's crossword puzzle from our newspaper.

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ACROSS      1Bud holder5Goalie's feat9Minty quaff14Commodious ships15Noted groundhog16All kidding --17One pursued by a rake (2 wds.)19Raise reason20This -- -- stickup!21It may be raw22Officer wannabe23Flooded25Left the plane26Enlightened Chinese dynasty27Coffee additive30Chain mail33Brahma, Vishnu and --34Belly dance instrument36Wordy Webster37Open-eyed38Friendly39"Car Talk" network40Bete --41Unwieldy42Quote44Director's shout45Troubadour prop46Yuletide quaff50Persona non --52Sash filler53Merkel of "Destry Rides Again"54Romance in France55One lion to another (3 wds.)57Zesty dip58He played Obi-Wan59Tarzan, really60Pay homage61Job benefit62Whodunit terrier
DOWN        1Logically sound2Popped up3Cheers!4Hairpin curve5Internal organ6Winning7Mini-bottle8Brownie9Reggae's island10Did, once (2 wds.)11Milan money, once12Proofread13Favorite18Psychic -- Cayce22Cussler of "Sahara"24Oops! (hyph.)25Take -- --!27Horoscope28Make cloudy29Ick!30Abby's sister31Snare a steer32Harpo or Chico33Lift, slangily35"L.A. Law" star37Main artery38Sundae topping40Idling gear41Urban transport43Will provision44Vancouver puckster46Ice, actually47Mystiques48Sluggish49Clapton tune50FBI agent (hyph.)51Audition hope52Soccer star54Get nosy55Lick56Edible seed 
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